5 Countries That Pay You To Live There

There are many reasons that you may want to consider living in a foreign country. Fall in love with new activities everywhere that you will never have the chance to experience where you currently live. Learn about unique cultures. Foreign travel encourages you to stand up for yourself by thinking outside the box. Make friendships that last the rest of your life. Now, imagine living in a country that actually pays you to live there. Consider moving to these 5 countries that pay you to live there and stay, to start a new chapter of your life.

5 Countries That Pay You To Live There


Start-Up Chile provides up to $40,000 in non-equity funding and a six-month residency in Santiago for people who are willing to start a company in Chile. More than 1,200 companies have taken advantage of this opportunity creating 1,500 new jobs. Successful businesses who agree to stay in Chile are eligible for $100,000 in additional funding.

City view in Chile . Countries That Pay
City view in Chile. Flickr: Matthew Peoples / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


High Potential Start-Up Team of the Ireland government wants you to consider starting an internationally-focused business in their country. The team regularly issues calls for business proposals from throughout the world. Females are especially encouraged to apply for these grants worth up to $134,973 United States dollars. Existing entrepreneurs may receive a 50 percent investment to expand their business to Ireland.

Dublin. Countries That Pay
Dublin. Flickr: Dyn Photo / CC BY 2.0

Tasmania, Australia

If you know the dairy industry, then the Tasmanian government will pay you to move there. In order to qualify you must have a proven track record as a dairy farmer in another part of the world. Additionally, many dairy farms are for sale in the country at about 50 percent of what they would sell for in America or Great Britain making it a good opportunity for people looking to get started in the industry.

Woolnorth, Tasmania. Countries That Pay
Woolnorth, Tasmania. Flickr: The Danish Wind Industry Association / CC BY-NC 2.0


The Korean government along with private entities in the country are looking for people to move to Korea to teach English. Most foreign teachers are paired with a Korean teacher making it easy to learn the public education system. People interested in this opportunity should be aware that most are hired in February and August, so plan to get your application in during that time. Others teaching English in Korea work for private schools that often pay travel and living expenses. Additional opportunities to teach English exist in Taiwan, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

Seoul by night. Countries That Pay
Seoul by night. Flickr: Philippe Teuwen / CC BY-SA 2.0


Many non-governmental organizations are looking for help in Cambodia. The World Bank has declared this country the easiest for setting up a new business. The American Cambodia Business Council is ready to help you with all the procedures that you will need to follow. There are also many opportunities to teach English in this country. This country has a high standard of living, and makes it very easy to travel to other countries.

CAMBODIA. Countries That Pay
CAMBODIA. Flickr: tomscoffinCC BY 2.0

You may want to start packing your bags to move to these countries that pay for you to live there. Start-up businesses find ample opportunities to receive money from various governments helping them get started. If you are a dairy farmer, then you may want to start calling Tasmania home. Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Cambodia will all pay you to teach English, and you may not have to have a college degree.

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