7 Ways to Feel Like An Australian Local This Summer

Everyone thinks about the sun, love and the beach when it comes to summer. But want to know what else it can offer you? I’ll show you some of the things we Aussies really get up to down under. Do these and you’ll really feel like an Australian local!

View of the Sydney Opera House and harbour, seen like an Australian local
Sydney Opera House and the Manly Ferry

See Sydneysiders commute to work (you will be jealous, we promise)

When you’re in Sydney you have to use local transportation. It’s much quicker for some Sydneysiders to catch the ferry to work rather than use the roads. It’s also a beautiful and cheap way to explore the harbor.

Jump on board the Manly Ferry from Circular Quay to the beautiful, harbour- and beach-side suburb of Manly. The half-hour trip takes you past Kirribilli House (home of the Australian Prime Minister), under the harbor bridge, the Sydney Opera House and the Manly Esplanade.

Once in Manly head to the watering hole

A local waterhole (Aussie slang for bar) is the Manly Wharf Bar. It will be hard to miss; on the weekends it will be packed full of locals also taking in the beautiful vistas. Warning: this may make you extremely irrational and want to move immediately so you can live like an Australian local. Or, it may make you bitter towards those living in such a beautiful location.

Live the life of luxury

I bet you’ve heard that Australia is expensive. We have found that food is slightly pricier than the US but accommodation is where it will sting you! Most places you will be looking at least $50 a night in an Airbnb. That why you should try house sitting! It allows you to care for animals (some of the time) and stay in some absolutely beautiful locations. You’ll live like an Australian local in everything from apartments overlooking Bondi beach to penthouses in the Gold Coast.

It may seem like an outrageous idea. However, the demand for this is hot! To get started you need to find the sits, so head over to the best house sitting sites and make an informed decision

Find yourself a grassy knoll for a weekend barbie!

No matter the time of the year or temperature, locals always flock to Bondi Beach. The locals complain it’s full riffraff and overpriced coffees but it doesn’t stop them heading down.

There are only a few remaining spots too set up a true Aussie BBQ. If you head down the northern end of the beach there is a grassy knoll, where you can fire up a coin-operated gas barbecue.

You will find a huge congregation of locals here every Saturday and Sunday (and most other sunsets) to eat, drink and mingle. It’s a good chance to integrate yourself with a cheery local and get some insider knowledge. You may find the drinking gets pretty heavy.

Take this into account, and make sure you always have your wits about you when lighting up a gas grill. Always follow your gas grill safety manual or you may be jumping on that plane home earlier than planned.

Watch the Aus Open with the locals

January in Melbourne is all about the Australian Open. Everyone gets involved and you can’t do anything without hearing about it. Tickets for the main courts can get very pricey very quickly. Do as the locals do and grab a ground pass. This pass allows you to visit all the outdoor courts just like an Australian local.

We’ve been early on during the tournament and watched the likes of Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt and Roger Federer playing. Your next move should be towards the lawns. You will find some beautiful gardens with a big screen set up. As the day progresses you will find the Aussies getting into the spirit. Before you know you will be cheering along with some new best mates.

It’s time to sip the best coffee in Australia

Melbourne is world famous for its coffee culture. The lifeblood of  Melburnians is coffee and the roots to it run deep. Too give you an idea, what Bordeaux is to wine, is Melbourne to coffee. They take it as seriously as there sport. Melbourne has an extensive population of Greeks and Italian, this is thought to have contributed to outstanding coffee.  If you want to sip coffee with the locals head to Flinders Lane in the city center or Lygon Street in Carlton.

A cup of coffee, beloved by Meburnians, like an Australian local
Cappuccino: Photo on Flickr by Takeaway / CC BY-SA 3.0

DO.NOT.MISS The Great Barrier Reef

This might sound like a touristic activity; however, many Aussie head out to explore their own coastline. It has been said that the Great Barrier Reef may disappear by 2050, so you will find many Australians also trying to enjoy the reef while they can. We recommend taking a day trip from Cairns (the cheapest option) and snorkeling among the varied, multi-colored wildlife that lives beneath the crystal water’s surface.

The Great Barrier Reef, seen like an Australian local
Great Barrier Reef: Photo on Flickr by Kyle Taylor / CC BY 2.0

Australia is a an amazing playground for anyone who loves the great outdoors, culture or food! From the rainforest to the beaches and beautiful cafes, hop off the bus and find out what we locals get up to. It is the best way to really feel like an Australian local this summer

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