South America, Central America and North America

Reading our Americas travel blog can often provide the idea from which a great holiday grows! The vast continents of North and South America are literally crammed with tourist attractions, and even the most experienced travellers will need some advice to make sure that they make the most of their visit, which is why you should turn to a North, Central or South American travel blog for up-to-date insider information on the best places to see and be seen! What’s on in the Big Apple – where are the best outlet malls – who really makes the best burger? Find the answers in a North America travel blog.

A South American travel blog can help you plan a skiing trip to Bariloche in Argentina or a beach holiday in Acapulco! Learn how to find the best beaches, bars and restaurants by reading un-biased travel blogs by locals who really know the area.

Tips and Hints:

  • When to go: Avoid travelling during peak times, especially Thanksgiving, when there are almost always flight delays – especially if the weather turns bad!
  • Food and Drink: American portions are enormous – often quite adequate for two people. If you want to avoid fatty fast foods head for one of the many help-yourself salad bars – these offer great fresh salads at a very good price. Americans drink coffee…it is difficult to find places serving tea so if you cannot do without your cup of tea carry some teabags with you.
  • Keeping in Contact: Check that your cell phone will work in America! American phones operate on a different frequency from systems in the rest of the world and only GMS tri and quad-band phones will work there. Also, there are large areas, such as the National Parks, where there is no cell-phone signal; you can usually keep in touch by email in most places.
  • Medical Insurance: Make sure you have it, as you may not be allowed into the country without adequate travel insurance.