While most of the country sleeps in until a fairly late hour, you can be certain that Argentina springs to life and doesn’t call it a night until the early hours of the next morning. It is the nightlife and the temptation that is the Tango that attracts so many tourists. There really is nothing quite like the vibrant atmosphere of Buenos Aires and the friendly people that call this city their home.

Of course, if you take a look through just a handful of our Argentina Travel Blog posts, you will see that this South American country has even more to offer than you may have initially thought! Explore such wonders as the Iguaçu Falls, located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, make your way to the Los Glaciares National Park to see the huge Perito Moreno Glacier and spend some time at the Valdes Peninsula for a chance to see the local sea lions, elephant seals, whales and more fantastic wildlife! There is no doubt that Argentina will keep you busy from sunrise to the early hours of the next morning. Who needs 8 hours of sleep with so much to see and do?

Argentina Travel Blog and Holiday Tips

  • Safety and local crime: The most common forms of crime include petty theft and robbery. These usually occur in restaurants, internet cafés and tourist hot spots like La Boca. Keep your belongings out of sight as much as possible and be aware of them at all times. Letting your bag hang on your shoulder while you snap away with your camera could make you an easy target. There are also little tricks that “teams” of pickpockets use. While one helps you clean off some food or drink they “accidentally” spilled on you, the other will gain access to your bag or slip a hand in your pockets in search of valuables. It’s better to just keep walking and refuse help! Only make use of reputable taxis if you don’t hire your own rental vehicle in Argentina. Ask your hotel or look online for taxis that can be ordered in advance.
  • Health and medical: Dengue Fever may occur throughout the year and, if you suffer from respiratory problems like asthma, bronchial problems or sinus trouble, these could become aggravated due to highly polluted city air. Visit your doctor 8 weeks prior to travel and ask about any additional vaccines that might be necessary. Make sure that you have full and comprehensive medical and travel insurance. Medical facilities are satisfactory but can cost you a lot out of pocket if you don’t have an adequate insurance plan.
  • Weather and natural disasters: Seasonal flooding is known to occur in various northern parts while flash floods can occur in many parts of the country during heavy rains. Such occurrences can affect the delivery of goods and services. Be sure to monitor the weather before and during your trip.
  • Money: There have been instances where the government has implemented certain restrictions on the purchase of foreign currency. Keep an eye out for such restrictions and changes. Most ATMs and hotels accept international credit cards but it never hurts to have some local currency (small bills) on you at all times.