Between the Andes and the great Pacific Ocean, Chile really does offer a wide range of landscapes and sights. This South American country is as diverse in climate as it is rich in culture. From more arid regions in the north to humid subtropical areas and oceanic climate along the coast. Chile also enjoys hundreds of clear nights every year which makes for superb stargazing. If time allows, tourists often make the very most of their trip by visiting Easter Island which is famous for its huge moai statues as well as fine beaches and excellent diving opportunities.

Our Chile Travel Blog has all the information you need on the best tourist attractions, best sights and top things to do when on holiday in Chile. Use our posts as your detailed guide on where to stay and plan your trip accordingly.

Chile Travel Blog

Travel advice for visitors to Chile

  • Local crime: Pickpocketing and petty theft occurs mainly in busy cities. Popular tourist spots and transport hubs are also prime targets so be mindful of your surroundings and belongings. If you travel by bus, do not place any valuables in the storage compartments. If you make use of any taxi services, you should book them by phone rather than hailing one on the street. Carry a copy of your passport with you and leave the original in a safe place.
  • Medical and health: Make sure that you take out comprehensive travel and health insurance for the duration of your trip. Children might be vulnerable to meningitis W135 so, if you are traveling with young ones, be sure to keep an eye open for possible symptoms. High levels of air pollution in Santiago during the winter months (June to September). If you suffer from respiratory problems or eye problems, this might not be the best time of the year to visit this city. Check with your doctor 8 weeks before your departure date regarding any vaccines you may require at the time.
  • Natural disasters: Serious earthquakes may occur in Chile during any time of the year. Before departing on your trip, you should ensure that you are familiar with the local emergency procedures. There are also several active volcanoes throughout Chile. When planning all the locations you wish to visit, you should make sure that you locate any active volcanoes nearby and familiarise yourself with local emergency procedures.
  • Money: There’s no shortage of ATMs throughout Chile and international credit cards are widely accepted. US Dollar travellers’ cheques are more widely accepted than any other currency and, should you run short on funds, you could make use of such services as Western Union to wire money to yourself.