There have been so many movies made about being on the road in the USA that there is no end of inspiration for your trip. Check out American travel blogs and USA travel articles in the UZA Travel blog to get tips on the best places to go and how to get there in luxury or on a shoestring.

Throughout the States there is a diversity of culture and atmosphere, all retaining the quintessential feel of Americana. The USA as we know it was founded just a couple of hundred years ago, but the Native American history of the continent stretches back much further. First of all, the landscape is diverse. While the east coast experiences snow in winter, the west coast is sunny almost all year round with long sandy beaches. The central regions vary from snowy peaked mountain ranges to vast desert to green, rolling cowboy country.

So, you can choose any kind of holiday you wish through the States. Make it a nature trail with fishing, national parks, canyons and geysers. Have an adventure sports holiday, make it a road trip on Route 66, cheer at a rodeo and dance the night away at a country bar or put your glamour dress on to paint the town red in New York!

USA Travel Blog and Holiday Tips:

  • Plan your trip well:  The United States is a big place and there are amazing sights scattered in all four corners.  However, trying to see everything in one trip will leave you more exhausted than anything else.  In addition, you will feel quite rushed and won’t be able to really take it all in.  Visiting a few states is perfectly fine but plan your trip either along the west coast, east coast or central region.  A trip across the country is possible if you have enough time at your disposal and don’t plan everything down to the minute.  Allow time for traffic and unexpected stops.
  • Local law:  Remember that the United States has general laws and each state might have individual laws that differ from each other.  For example, cigarette smoking in closed public spaces like bars, clubs and restaurants has been banned in 28 states.  In California, it is even illegal to smoke on the beach and in public parks.  In terms of traffic laws, the American police are very much on top of things and risking a traffic violation of any kind is not worth the trouble.  If you park in front of a “No Parking” sign, don’t be surprised when you get back to find your car has been towed and impounded.
  • Language:  English is the most widely accepted language throughout the United States.  However, a fair amount of the population also speak Spanish and if you visit states close to the Mexican border, you will find that the hospitality industry is particularly bilingual.  Remember to mind what you say when in any foreign country and do not try to make use of the local slang.  Even a seemingly innocent expression could offend those around you and land you in some hot water.
  • Weather:  The weather conditions vary throughout the year and depend on your location.  Different parts of the United States are affected by different weather phenomenons.  For example, Florida is prone to hurricanes and similar storms while Kansas and surrounding areas may experience a fair number of tornadoes.  Everything has its season so, when deciding where you wish to visit, you should look into the local weather and plan your trip to avoid any kind of natural disaster.  Even a mild storm could upset your travel plans by keeping you indoors when you’d much rather be out exploring.
  • Local crime and safety:  Just like any country, there are some really safe parts and some not so safe parts of the United States.  The best thing to do is to leave all your unnecessary valuables (expensive jewellery or example) at home.  Do not dangle your camera around your neck, don’t carry all your money on your person when walking around and keep a firm hold on your purse or bag.  If you do find yourself in a bad area and you are in a potentially dangerous situation, do not attempt to fight and avoid eye contact.  Hand over any valuables and don’t try to be a “hero”.  Do not carry any documents like your passport on your person when walking around.  Keep such documents and extra cash in a safe in your hotel room.  Keep a copy of your medical insurance and passport in your bag or purse.
  • Medical: Healthcare is top class in the USA in general.  This does, of course, depend on where you are and the type of hospital.  Make sure that you have comprehensive medical insurance before visiting the USA since hospital bills can accumulate fast and well exceed your financial capabilities.  Getting general booster shots for common vaccines is always a good idea when travelling and, if you are travelling during flu season, you should get a flu shot before you leave for the USA.