The Coastal Fishing Village of Anstruther in Scotland

Anstruther one of the traditional fishing villages now a town located in the region of Fife, Scotland is a great day out for the family with great food, beaches and a museum. Here’s a simple travel guide to Anstruther coastal fishing village to help you plan your trip.

Anstruther Coastal Fishing Village Harbour
Anstruther Coastal Fishing Village Harbour ©MDHarding

Anstruther Coastal Fishing Village History

Anstruther dates back to early Scottish settlements and findings related to the Picts. The village began to grow throughout the 17th and 18th century with emphasis on the fishing industry. Boats would depart on a regular basis from Anstruther and other Fife coastal villages to countries in the Baltic’s including Danzig (Gdansk), Poland. Fishermen from the area were well know for there seafaring skills and were recruited to work on ships traveling across the oceans, playing a large part in the China tea trade.

Find out more at the Scottish Fisheries Museum, it has wealth of information on the growing herring trade and much more. Ideal for families too with fun and interactive activities.

Anstruther Coastal Fishing Village: Discover the Zulu connection at The Fisheries Museum ©MDHarding
Discover the Zulu connection at the Scottish Fisheries Museum ©MDHarding

Anstruther Seafood Today

A visit to Anstruther coastal fishing village would not be the same, without tasting the delicious freshly caught fish by local fishermen and served locally.

The Anstruther Fish Bar is as local as one can get, the owners can date their family history in the fishing industry all the way back to the early 1700’s. Proud today to still be a part of the fishing industry with their own fish processing plant Agrofish established in 1980.

The award winning Anstruther Fish Bar has both a sit down and take away area. Be prepared it can get quite busy during lunch time, but well worth the wait!

Anstruther Coastal Fishing Village: Inside the famous Anstruther Fish Bar ©MDHarding
Inside the famous Anstruther Fish Bar ©MDHarding

Anstruther Beaches

Billow Ness Beach is a short stroll from the main town with small rock pools and views stretching out across the Firth of Forth. Ideal for families, walkers, nature enthusiasts or for those that just want to relax and watch the world go by.

Anstruther Coastal Fishing Village: Sandy beaches along the Fife coast ©MDHarding
Billow Ness sandy beach ©MDHarding

Coastal Walks and Trails

The Fife coast has a number of easily accessible walking paths that run between Kincardine and Newburgh. The path was extended in 2012 now covering over 116 miles. The most popular being the section between Anstruther and Crail.

Anstruther Coastal Fishing Village: Beautiful coastal walks ©MDHarding
Beautiful coastal walks ©MDHarding

Getting to Anstruther

There are a number of ways to reach Anstruther, one of the most fun is the Seabird Cruise from North Berwick. The journey takes around 50 minutes with the opportunity to look out for puffins and other wildlife. If you don’t have your sea legs maybe you would prefer the bus. Stagecoach offers a service departing Edinburgh traveling through coastal Fife to St Andrews. Or perhaps you would enjoy a bit more flexibility to see more of the area by car? If after visiting Edinburgh for a few days and would like to explore more of Fife and the surrounding areas why not hire a car to collect at Edinburgh Airport. It is ideally located by the main motorway junctions to access the north, east, west and south of Scotland.

Anstruther Coastal Fishing Village: Seabird Safari Ferry ©MDHarding
Seabird Cruise/Ferry getting ready to depart Anstruther harbour ©MDHarding

I hope I have inspired you to visit the Anstruther coastal fishing village. For more on the region of Fife why not download your free copy of Explore The Kingdom of Fife? Happy Travels:) x

Thank you to the Scottish Seabird Centre, Anstruther Fish Bar and the Scottish Fisheries Museum.

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and opinions mentioned above are my own.

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