Quick Guide to Adding a New Post

Post Content

  1. To add a new “Article or Post” go to “+ New” in the top bar and click on  “Post
  2. Title – This should be a maximum of 100 characters in upper and lower case. Should not be “CAPS” throughout.
  3. Content – Top right hand corner of “Content” section are 2 tabs “Visual” and “Text“. Unless you are proficient in html; please use the “Visual” tab, and add your text here. Ideally we recommend 400-600 words; with a maximum of about 1,000 words. Consider splitting very long blogs or articles (over 1,000 words) into 2 or more shorter posts.
  4. Links – A maximum of 2 links are allowed to your blog or website. These should “Not” be in the first 2 paragraphs of text.

Before adding images, save the “Post” by clicking “Save Draft” at the top in the RHS menu.


Images can be added as follows:

  1. Put cursor in the text where you want the first image added
  2. When editing a post click on “Add Media” in top left corner below “Edit Post
  3. Click on “Upload Files“, and then on “Select Files
  4. Find images on your workstation….ideal size images have a maximum dimension of about 800-900 pixels.
  5. Select the first image and “Open
  6. Add a “Caption“, “Alt Text” and “Description” to the image
  7. Repeat steps “5 & 6” above, until you have uploaded all the images required for the post
  8. Then select the image you want to add to the post where your cursor is in “Step 1 Above

Subsequent Images

  1. Put your cursor at the next place you want to include the image in the post
  2. Click on “Add Media” as in step 2 above
  3. Select “Media Library
  4. Change the small drop box that says “All media items” to “Uploaded to this post
  5. Select the next image required, as uploaded in “Step 7 Above
  6. For subsequent images in the post, repeat “Steps 1-5 under this section


  1. If you have quite a number of images, you can also add these as a “Gallery
  2. Put your cursor right after your last text
  3. Click on “Add Media”
  4. In the left hand margin select “Create Gallery“.
  5. Select “Media Library
  6. Change the small drop box that says “Images” to “Uploaded to this post
  7. Select all the images you want in the Gallery, by clicking on each one in turn.
  8. Click on “Create a new gallery” in bottom right hand corner
  9. In top right hand corner change “Attachment Page” to “Media File
  10. and change “Columns” to the number of images in the gallery (if more than 9 images select a number that is half the number of images used i.e. if 12 images, select 6 in “Columns” box
  11. In the bottom right hand corner, click on “Insert Gallery

Set Featured Image

  1. In the right hand margin is “Featured Image“. Click on “Set featured image“.
  2. You can then select any of the images previously loaded as the “Featured Image“. This image will show up as the Image wherever this post shows – including “Home Page” and any “Sub Pages” where the post appears.

Other Notes

If you require further help please email info@go4travelblog.com