Best Fes Day Trip Locations

The ancient and imperial city of Fes is a fascinating place to be; but consider leaving the city for a day, maybe two, to visit a few locations worth seeing. These Fes day trip locations will provide you with a broader Moroccan experience. Discover well-preserved Roman ruins in the midst of a Berber village and visit a tiny resort town with strong European ties. Finally, pay a visit to the mountainous village of Chefchauoeun, Morocco’s Blue City where you can explore one of Morocco’s deepest caves and shop for unique artisan crafts.

Best Fes Day Trip Locations

Archeological Site of Volubilis

Best Fes Day Trip Locations. Volubilis Roman Ruins
Volubilis Roman Ruins

The most popular of the numerous Fes day trip locations is likely Volubilis. This UNESCO-designated attraction is Morocco’s best-preserved Roman site and is just a couple of hours drive from Fes. Most travelers come to Volubilis to see the incredible mosaics that remain in their original positions. These impressive works of art survived the elements and natural disasters which in itself, a striking feat. They tell the story of cultural development that dates back 2,000 years.

Travelers who want to visit Volubilis from Fes can either hire a local guide or do the tour on their own. Most day trips with a local guide cost around $70-$80 USD. This includes transport pick-up and drop off, as well as a trip to the Imperial city of Meknes. You can also take public transportation if you’re on a tight budget. The train to Meknes is around $4 USD each way and the taxi fare to Volubilis from Meknes is another $3-$5. If you’re pressed for time, I highly suggest you book with a local guide.


Ifrane During Winter. Best Fes Day Trip Locations
Ifrane During Winter

Known as the little Switzerland of Morocco, Ifrane was built originally as a resort for the residents of the nearby Imperial towns of Fes and Meknes. Its location made it ideal for winter sports. Nowadays, the town features a number of European-styled chalets that serve as guesthouses.

In addition to winter sports, Ifrane is also a popular hiking base. Routes to the Cascade des Vierges and the Vallee des Roches are the well-known and popular with visitors.


Best Fes Day Trip Locations. Chefchaouen's Blue Walls
Chefchaouen’s Blue Walls

You’ve likely heard about Chefchaouen from social media postings, particularly on Instagram. The city known as the blue pearl of Morocco is equally stunning as the photos depict. Chefchaouen (Chaouen to locals) sits on a side of a mountain and is approximately 195 km from Fes.

The city’s main draw is its striking blue walls. Concentrated mostly in the medina, houses and walls are painted blue with some in various shades. The collection of blue-washed walls looks particularly stunning from afar, but it’s even better as you get closer.

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