Visiting One Of Maritime’s Greatest Ports – Liverpool Tourist Attractions

Liverpool or “Lyrpul” as it was called in 1207 is one of the world’s greatest maritime ports and also known for being the home of The Beatles and White Star Line company that owned The Titanic. Today it has a number of historic ships, artefacts and stories dotted around the Royal Albert Dock. Here are best Liverpool tourist attractions you don’t want to miss when you visit!

Liverpool tourist attractions. Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool
Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool ©MDHarding

Best Liverpool Tourist Attractions

No visit to Liverpool should go without visiting some of The Beatles hotspots. The fab four as they were nicknamed, were born and bred in Liverpool.

Liverpool tourist attractions. The Beatles
The Beatles ©MDHarding

The Beatles Story

Don’t miss taking the audio tour inside The Beatles Story. It has lots of interesting and factual stories! This year also celebrating 50 years of The Beatles in India. Did you know George Harrison found India appealing for its spiritualism and music? Later learning how to play the Indian musical instrument – Sitar. All members of the group and their wives/girlfriends travelled together to learn meditation; and relax in the spiritual city of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

Liverpool tourist attractions. John Lennon's White Room, The Beatles Story
John Lennon’s White Room, The Beatles Story ©MDHarding

Magical History Museum

Only opening its doors 6 weeks ago – Magical History Museum offers an authentic overview dedicated to the fab four over three floors, located on Mathew Street. It is a must-see for all Beatles fans with over 300 original items including instruments, photographs and much more!

Magical History Museum - A Fab Four Experience, Liverpool. Liverpool tourist attractions
Magical History Museum – A Fab Four Experience, Liverpool ©MDHarding

World Museum

Discover treasures from around the world over five floors at the World Museum. Collections include Egyptian mummies, cast dinosaur bones, an aquarium as well as currently the incredible ancient wonders of the First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors. The largest discovery of its kind to have been recovered, through an unlikely chance in a farmer’s field back in 1974. It is an incredible feet that after 2000 years the secrets of China’s First Emperor, Qin Shi Huang has come to light. This mesmerizing exhibition with never seen before artefacts excavated over the past 40 years is taking place only until October.

Liverpool tourist attractions. The Terracotta Warriors, World Museum, Liverpool
The Terracotta Warriors, World Museum, Liverpool ©MDHarding

Getting To Liverpool

You might be on a cruise around the British Isles where you are docking one day in the cultural city of Liverpool. The port is within a short walking distance from the main Liverpool tourist attractions. If like me, you are travelling by train there are a couple of stations to choose from, the main one being Liverpool Lime Street. If you are unsure where to go, don’t worry there are lots of taxis to take you to where you need to go. Also, it is very easy to get around either on foot, local bus; or perhaps the city sightseeing tour bus.

Liverpool tourist attractions. Liverpool Cruise Terminal
Liverpool Cruise Terminal ©MDHarding


While there is a large variety of accommodation to choose from, I was drawn to the best – The Titanic Hotel. Named and inspired by the ship The Titanic. The spacious relaxing rooms with large windows are full of characterful pieces from copper top bedside cabinets to Titanic canvas wall hangings. The restaurant offers a large fresh buffet selection for breakfast and a scrumptious evening dinner menu. With so much style and an impeccable friendly service, why would you stay any place else!

Liverpool tourist attractions. The Titanic Hotel, Liverpool
The Titanic Hotel, Liverpool ©MDHarding

I hope you have enjoyed our list of best Liverpool tourist attractions and are excited to visit this great city. Have you already visited Liverpool? What were your highlights? Please share any comments/questions below.  Happy Travels:)

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