Delicious Travel: Australia’s Best Foodie Experiences

Famous for its fusion cuisine, Australia is a true heaven for every foodie. But even though it successfully incorporates dishes from all over the world, Aussie cuisine also has unique and distinguishable pieces. No matter if it’s food or drinks, the county will provide the best foodie experience to anyone who enjoys fine dining and exceptional tastes. So, when in the Land Down Under, try at least one thing from this delicious travel guide to Australia’s best foodie experiences.

Start your day with a good cup of coffee

Every coffee lover will tell you that although you can find it anywhere, it can express a huge difference in taste. In Australia, you will easily find some of the best beans in the world in local breweries and coffee shops. Three quarter-doppio ristretto latte known as Magic is a famous Melbourne beverage taking over the world. And every foodie staying in Sydney will tell you to visit the hipster coffee shops in Surry Hills for the best morning brew and intoxicating roasting-beans scents in the neighborhood.

Cup of coffee from above; Australia's best foodie experiences

Get yourself a nice piece of lamington

Lamington is a sponge cake, usually shaped as a cube, that holds the title of National Cake of Australia. It’s made from coconut shavings and coated in chocolate icing commonly. Lamington is served with jam or cream although it is as delicious on its own. 

This is a perfect snack to have with tea or coffee, especially when taking a break in sightseeing to replenish your energy. The dessert is so popular that Australia has a National Lamington Day, which falls on June 21.

Taste the wonderful seafood dishes

Since Australia is surrounded by seawater, the offer of seafood is rich and fresh. Prawns, also known as schoolies, from the Sydney Fish Market are the easiest way to prepare a healthy and energizing lunch. Or you can order them from one of many restaurants all over the country for the ultimate foodie experience

Calamari on the barbecue seasoned with only salt and pepper is a perfect light meal during summer. However, even the plain old fish ‘n’ chips are tasty and a signature dish, especially at food stands along the beaches.

Prawns on a plate; Australia's best foodie experiences

Vegemite on toast is the ultimate Australian food experience

Vegemite on toast is one of the greatest of Australia’s foodie experiences. This yeast paste is salty and slightly bitter at the same time, and is not for everyone. Australians eat it spread on a piece of toast with coffee or tea, for breakfast or a snack. On the plus side, this is a very healthy spread full of vitamin B and folic acid. It’s also fat-free and so is perfect for vegans and those on special diets.

Try some of the finest wines in the world

You will find domestic wines everywhere in Australia, from stores to restaurants. The best way to taste them, though, is on a wine tour. Many wineries offer lodgings and delicious food to pair with wine tasting. You can even go on a multi-day tour in one region.

There are around 130 grape varieties used for the production of wine. The major ones include Merlot, Shiraz, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Riesling. Australia’s wine industry is the fifth largest exporter on a global level, so its finest wines are easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Thanks to portals like Aussie Wine Export, you can have bold Australian Shiraz and fruity Pinot Noir at home.

Group of people drinking wine; Australia's best foodie experiences

Meat pies are very popular

Some will say that until you have tried a meat pie, you haven’t experienced Australia at all. This dish is very popular and is always served during big events, even luxurious ones. They are made with minced meat and gravy, which is wrapped in dough and then baked in the oven. If you feel ready for an Australian adventure, try the ones made from kangaroo meat; you will rarely have this opportunity anywhere else. 

Enjoy a tasty lamb dish

Australia is famous for its sheep, and lamb dishes are really popular among locals and tourists. Roasted lamb with olive oil and rosemary is very common for Sunday lunches when the whole family gathers in one place. 

If you are lucky enough to attend a barbecue at someone’s home, you will most definitely have the opportunity to try lamb chops. Basically, in addition to trying vegemite, eating lamb is the authentic Australian experience.

Plates of lamb and vegetables; Australia's best foodie experiences

Don’t miss award-winning Australian dark rum

Bundy, a famous Australian dark rum, is produced in Bundaberg and has reached international fame. This rum has 20 different labels you can try, some which have won awards and praises from all over the world. In addition to Bundy you will find many other rum brands, such as Rebellion Bay and Holey Dollar.


This delicious travel guide to Australia’s best foodie experiences is a great introduction to local cuisine. Of course, there is much more to try, like locally brewed beers and Barramundi fish. For many, Australia offers the best foodie experience because it combines different cultures and cuisines. However, even with borrowed recipes, Australia has created unique and signature tastes.

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