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Not only is Sydney Australia’s largest city and an economic hub. It can boast a diverse gastronomical scene as well. The Australian continent is home to many cultures and nearly all communities have their restaurant inside the Sydney metro area. Going out for dinner can prove a tough choice to make, since you have myriad restaurants to choose from. However, there are several establishments that have become iconic landmarks of Sydney’s hospitality services. You cannot say you have truly visited the city if you haven’t been to at least one of these cool foodie places in Sydney.

Momofuku Seiobo: A spicy Afro-Caribbean mix

The Momofuku restaurant franchise is hard to define although they have restaurants spanning both coasts of the United States. Their local Seiobo restaurant is located on 80 Pyrmont Street in Pyrmont. It’s a quirky-looking gourmet getaway near Sydney. This diner, which is located in a corner of a casino, presents an amalgam of different tastes from Barbados, Puerto Rico, Australia and Japan. There is a strict dress code at the restaurant because it is considered high class.

The soundtrack you enjoy while dining is a mixture of rock and reggae music. The most distinctive dish you can try is sweet potato dumplings spiced up with salt cod and habanero. Then there is a marron curry served alongside coconut bakes, which you will definitely use to swipe the plate clean. In terms of flavor, African meets the Caribbean right here in Sydney. It’s a mixture you have just got to try.

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The Bridge Room: The name says it all

No, this restaurant is not about the famous card game, since its location clarifies the name: 44 Bridge Street. The Bridge Room is the best place for fine dining in the entire city. The chefs here are pretty imaginative, so it would be hard to describe the mashups they make without imagery. Essentially, the food is a mixture of Italian and Australian cuisine; so don’t be surprised if there is a lot of pasta on your plate. The quality of service depends on the time of day you visit. But there is one piece of advice that will save you a lot of money; don’t reach for the wine chart. Yes, they overprice their wines.

Plate of pasta; cool foodie places in Sydney

Miranda: Enjoying full entertainment

At 615 Kingsway in Miranda, you’ll find the brasserie restaurant Miranda. It offers a full gastronomic experience and entertainment for their guests. Apart from delicious food and a wide selection of wines and beers, they boast weekly and special entertainment events. Furthermore, they are a socially responsible restaurant and they take an active part in community work. For instance, children can eat for free on Sundays if their parents order at least one main meal worth over 17 dollars. The atmosphere and the décor resemble a 1950s diner in America. Guests will go on a journey through time as they eat their meal. As the final perk, there is a casino and a 24-hour gym inside the Diggers Miranda.

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Bennelong: Experiencing the Opera House in a new way

You have definitely heard of the Sydney Opera House. You have more than likely taken a photo in front of it. But did you know that there is a posh restaurant inside it? There’s a long wait to get in and the wines are not cheap, but it’s worth the effort and prices. It is a candidate for the list of restaurants with the best view in the area. You can eat in the bar; mostly salty snacks that will make your mouth water. On the menu you will find dishes such as eggplant in lacy batter or stone-pot rice rich with sesame and fermented shiitake. The most distinctive flavors offered in Bennelong are the desserts; their crème caramel and mille-feuille have become iconic.

Sydney Opera House with vivid sunset colors; cool foodie places in Sydney
Sydney Opera House at sunset: Photo: Unsplash

Restaurant Hubert

On 15 Bligh Street you can find Hubert, a restaurant that is a gateway to an empire of bentwood, candlewax and lamps with tassels. In other words, it fits the bill of a vintage restaurant and one of the top cool foodie places in Sydney. If you are not dazzled by the atmosphere, then perhaps the menu in French will take your breath away. In it, you will encounter such dishes as roasted snails or crisp sheets of potsticker dumplings. The 1920s era magic is somewhat spoiled by the unattractive looking restrooms. But the wine cellars are more than enough to live to Hubert’s reputation as a place where dreams are made/prepared.

Table outside with benches and wine

If you are visiting for a single day, that is more than enough time to visit at least one of these cool foodie places in Sydney. A longer stay might make a hole in your wallet as you’ll wish to visit all of Sydney’s iconic restaurants.

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