These days, with the world at our fingertips, there is almost no end to the things we can get up to. Whether BASE jumping with 1.5 second for your parachute to stop your fall, or skydiving from the edge of space with over 5 minutes descent; extreme biking, cross country horse riding, kayaking through a rainforest or good old fashioned hiking across breathtaking landscapes.

Just Adventure Travel Blog Tips and Hints:

  • Do invest in good equipment for your chosen activity. Advances in materials and tools help you to go farther, while clothing and footwear technology help you to get there safer and more comfortably.
  • Did you know that your shampoo, basic hand wash and soap all contain the same key ingredient, sodium laurel sulphate? Don’t burden yourself with a bottle for everything! Carrying just a soap bar, hair conditioner and anti-bacterial hand gel for when you really need it will help you to lighten your load. Coconut oil will also serve as a skin protector, moisturiser and lip balm, as well as cooking oil and…er…makeup remover.
  • You can read some of the best adventure travel blogs out there to get a taste of the experience (and some inspiration) from those paving the way ahead of you.
  • Forge your own path.