In the modern world we rush from location to location by fast car and even faster plane. We have forgotten the joy in the journey; taking a break and watching the world go by between destinations. Many people think that cruises are for retirees or party animals, but there are trips catering to every taste.

The beauty of cruise ships is that you can travel from port to port in the lap of luxury, as opposed to strapped into a narrow seat. You get on board, unpack in a full sized hotel-style room, and enjoy the entertainments on offer. The cruise ships are equipped with spa facilities, restaurants, bars, music and dancing, sport activities, as well as loungers for relaxing and watching it all sail by.

Cruise Trips Travel Blog Best Tips:

  • Did you know that you could take a long weekend city break by cruise ship? Spend three nights visiting several popular European cities, instead of just one.
  • There is no better way to see glaciers than by ship. From the Pacific USA or Canada you can cruise the glacial Inside Passage through north towards Alaska.
  • A “repositioning cruise” will take you from one destination to another, usually leaving port as the colder weather sets in and relocating to a more pleasant climate in a far away part of the world. Remember, these trips are one way only!