Every traveller has a list of places they must see in their lives. Some are attracted by the culture, some by the food, some by mysterious legends and magic; many travellers seek to wowed by stunning architectural achievements and historical monuments, while others simply enjoy experiencing the world through the lens of another human being.

Culture Travel Blog: The Seat of Civilisation

Asian cultures stretch back thousands of years and have given rise to some of the most enduring and complex philosophies that influence humans across the globe to this very day. The splendour of the Great Wall of China, near to destination city Beijing, China, was only fully realised when we went to space and saw that it was one of the few man-made structures visible so far from the Earth.

Also rich in intrigue and long regal history is Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. See statues and temples from the Buddhist tradition constructed hundreds of years ago. Experience the unique “Land of Smiles” further north in the former capital of Ayutthaya. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Bali, an island in the Indonesian chain, boasts an exotic, Indian-influenced culture. Speaking of which, Mumbai (Bombay) is India’s largest city and simply overflowing with ancient history and modern cinema!

History Travel Blog: European Cities

Possibly the most significant of cities is Rome, former seat of the Roman Empire, which once dominated vast swathes of the earth. Much of the empires splendour is still evident in the city streets. Modern Christianity grew in one of the most ancient cities, Jerusalem. Istanbul, Turkey, is another old, old empire – the Ottomans – that straddles Europe and Asia on either bank of the Bosphorus River. France once stood as the centre of the continent in political and artistic influence, with most gentry in Europe speaking French as a second language.

The Americas: Lost Cultures Travel Blog

Already rich in peoples, culture and history when it was discovered in the 16th century, the American continents have now largely been taken over by their Western conquistadores. However, the long lost civilisations have left behind enduring monuments to their power and influence. Machu Picchu, Peru, is the ruins of the “Lost Cities of the Incas”. Further northwards, the passion of vibrant Cuba is simply to be soaked in through exploring this largest of the Caribbean islands, much of which is designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The native history of North America has been pushed into small pockets. This doesn’t mean that the modern settlers haven’t created a rich melting pot of peoples and traditions made up of the slew of immigrants. From the Gold Rush to the Civil War to the 19th Century influx to Ellis Island, New York, you could say that the history of North America is the history of us all.