Tell us about your favourite place to stop and stay for a night or two; as well as what you can see and do nearby. This could be that small hotel, hidden away in a side street; the luxury resort with white sandy beach and superb snorkelling; or even a small bed and breakfast with the scrumptious breakfast, comfy king-size beds and charming hosts.

There’s no better tour guide than those who have been there before you!  Reading about the experiences of others can really shed some light on the do’s and don’ts that might not be as obvious as taking out medical insurance.  Sit back, relax and let your fellow travellers regale you with their delightful travel tales and adventures to foreign lands.

Every country, city and town has a list of hidden treasures and heading along the road less travelled can lead to even more memorable moments than you could even dream of.  Even getting lost in a maze of streets can lead you to the most amazing places so don’t forget to make a note of all those tucked away places and well-kept local secrets that can transform any regular holiday into an unforgettable experience.