These days a holiday is much more than a trip to the beach. With eco-tourism and volun-tourism, those who wish to make a difference to the countries and communities they visit have more options than ever. Animal sanctuaries now offer more than simply viewing the beasts and taking some photos. You can get involved as a volunteer, helping out with basic care of the animals, most of which are rescue cases, and learning about conservation issues.

Wildlife and Nature Travel Blog Safari Experience

Popular in Africa, wild animal safaris allow you to get as close as possible with wild and exotic animals, which can sometimes be quite far away! Bird watching expeditions are also popular, aimed at serious bird lovers.

Ocean Blue

No matter what part of the world you are in, you are not far from a coral reef. Scuba diving is easy to pick up and allows you to slip into another world. Many coastal areas offer diving courses, so that you can get deep down under the surface.

Scenic Travels

There are vast swaths of earth over which you’ll rarely see another life form, not that they aren’t there in the undergrowth, mind you! Get lost in the wilderness or scale the highest peaks, traverse rocky landscape or sail through glacial seas.

Our top nature travel blog tip is simple: just open your eyes and breathe in deep the fresh air!