If there is one thing you will find no matter where you go, it is food and alcohol, with most cultures having a traditional wine made from some kind of fruit or plant. Rice wine is popular in Asian countries where the grain is a diet staple.

Wine Country

Features of European and American countries, wine regions offer chic accommodation, wine tours, crafts and homemade fare, not to mention the fine cuisine, all with a back-to-nature, rustic feel. A country like France, famed for it’s wines, can be traversed for weeks from wine valley to wine valley. Rent a car and drive the Wine Route through medieval towns and villages in Germany.

Wine and Food Travel Blog Tips and Hints:

  • Several travel companies offer food themed tours. These take you from one gastronomy highlight to the next, mixing culture with local fare in a unique infusion.
  • Wineries tend to be old establishments, and visitors will be treated to beautiful architecture and rambling wine cellars. In particular the chateaux’s of the Loir Valley in France are almost more famous than their wines!
  • If you are going to visit a foreign country with the aim of sampling as much diverse food as you can, spare a thought for your stomach, which will not always feel it is on a relaxing vacation. Prepare your digestive system with pro-biotics before and during your trip, and consult your tropical medical doctor about medication to fight a stomach bug effectively.