Guide to Traveling Australia in a Campervan

A campervan road trip is the ultimate holiday, allowing you to get up and close to everything Australia has to offer. From scenic views of waterfalls and forests to coral reefs that look even more magical in real life, you can travel from one side of the country to another in the comfort of your own vehicle. Whether you decide to rent or buy your own, here are some tips to guide you when planning a trip traveling Australia in a campervan.

Rent or buy?

Campervans are a very big investment, which is why people usually rent them, especially if they don’t do road trips often. However, for those who not only road trip but go camping regularly, a campervan may be a good investment in the long run.

Renting has many benefits over purchasing. For instance, there are many upfront costs you don’t need to worry about, including registration and insurance, basic necessities and mechanical checks. There are also perks like roadside assistance and access to free campgrounds. We recommend renting if your trip is going to be less than three months long. This may seem like a long time to rent; however, with all the upfront costs when purchasing, renting will come out cheaper.

On the other hand, buying is great for those who camp consistently throughout the year or go for extremely long periods at a time. Yes, upfront costs will put a huge dent in your wallet at first. However, renting costs can easily stack up if you rent multiple times throughout a year. Plus, if you’re buying a cheaper vehicle like a camper trailer or a van, upfront costs won’t be as much as with an RV.

What’s your mode of transport?

It’s the age old question: what type of transport are you going to pick? Luxury and comfort is only one piece of a very big puzzle when it comes to choosing your ride. Other things to consider include how long your trip will be, where you’re going, costs and safety. Another thing to consider is how often you actually go camping, as renting can add up in costs if you go on trips multiple times throughout the year.

A caravan or campervan is the better option for those longer road trips. Yes, it’ll cost more initially; however, the lack of assembly and slightly higher comfort levels may be well worth it if you’re spending weeks or months on end traveling.

For those who aren’t traveling for long periods of time or don’t mind roughing it slightly more for a couple of days, a camper trailer is the best option. Going through a camper trailer dealer is an easy way to view all the camper trailers available, letting you compare models and prices in person. Generally camper trailers have the same amenities as campervans, but there is slightly more assembly and less luxury involved.

Best places to visit

Australia is known for its scenic drive routes, which run across most of the coast. Traveling Australia in a campervan from east to west is no problem; it’ll just take you a long time to complete. Here are 5 routes that we recommend:

  1. The Great Ocean Road
  2. West Coast Adventure in Western Australia
  3. Tropical North Queensland
  4. Tasmania (you’ll have to catch a cruise there if you want to take your own vehicle)
  5. The Red Centre
Campervan on a dusty road; traveling Australia in a campervan

Road rules

Unlike most countries in the world, Australia drives on the left hand side of the road. This means that everything is switched around—so keep that in mind when you’re driving! Also ensure that you have an International Driving Permit as well as your own license. Another thing is to double check the insurance policy of your rental, and carry these papers with you when you drive.


This goes without saying, but when traveling Australia in a campervan don’t put petrol in a diesel vehicle or vice versa. Keep in mind some rural towns petrol stations may close at or before 5pm, so plan accordingly when fueling up and make sure you have enough to make it to the next town.

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