Top 5 Australian Luxury Camping Resorts

Top 5 Luxury Camping Resorts in Australia

If you want to experience the natural grandeur of Australia without the hassle of pitching your own tent or setting up your own 160w solar panel system, then you might want to visit these world-class Australian luxury camping resorts.

Camping is deeply ingrained among Australians who grew up surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque sceneries. From aboriginals to nomads to modern campers, Aussies yearn to connect and forge a bond with nature, so you will often see them packing their camping gear and exploring the great outdoors.

Australian Luxury Camping Resorts

Traditional camping, however, is not for everyone. For seniors and those who are not accustomed to ‘roughing it up’ in the wild, the other option to enjoy nature is to sign up for luxury camping, also known as glamping. Glamping is ideal for people who cannot do without a queen inflatable high mattress, a hot shower, and other comforts that are usually available at home or fancy hotel rooms.

1. Northern Territory: Longitude 131° (Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park)

If you want the ultimate glamping experience, you cannot go wrong with NT’s Longitude 131°. With five-star hotel amenities in the middle of the spectacular Uluru, you won’t just be camping in luxury – you’ll do it in style, too. They offer fine dining, spa treatments, and indigenous-inspired rooms to seal the deal. It is a bit on the pricey side, with rates starting at $1,100 a night, but the once-in-a-lifetime experience it offers is worth your money.

Australian outback at night near Uluru, How You Should Fully Explore Australia
Australian outback at night near Uluru

If you are on a budget, you might want to stay at Wiligi Outstation instead. They offer eco-glamping accommodations at $275 a night, although the place does not have any shop where you can buy food, fuel, or any of your personal needs.  This means you have to bring your own when you go there, which is what you should do when camping in the first place.

2. South Australia: Ikara Safari Camp (Flinders Ranges National Park)

Have you tried camping with just a few clothes and no equipment or gear? This sounds like a recipe for disaster, but not so much if you are planning to book at Ikara Safari Camp. They offer premium air-conditioned tents complete with a king-size bed and an en suite bathroom. With a rate as low as $320 for two people a night, you can marvel at the beauty of Flinders Ranges with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Hiking, St Mary Peak, Flinders Ranges National park
Hiking up St Mary Peak, Flinders Ranges NP

If river red gum is not your cup of tea, though, you can head out to the Eyre Peninsula and spend your days exploring the beaches and sheltered coves whilst dining on freshly caught seafood.

3. Western Australia: Karijini Eco Retreat (Karijini National Park)

Located in the second largest national park in Western Australia and wholly owned by the Gumala Aboriginal Corporation, these Australian luxury camping resorts offers a wide choice of accommodation to fit your budget. At $315 a night, glamping at Karijini is a bargain, considering that the fee includes daily continental breakfast. They also offer traditional Australian meals to those interested. It is a haven for hikers in the middle of an unrelenting bushland.

4. New South Wales: Paperbark Camp (near Jervis Bay)

Situated at a 2 ½- hour drive from Sydney, Paperbark Camp is one of the most popular Australian luxury camping resorts in the country, as they helped introduce glamping. With Jervis Bay being so close, you’ll be able to dine on some of the most sumptuous fish caught straight from the bay. Their elevated safari-styled canvas accommodations are built in the middle of paperbarks and eucalypts (hence, the name) which gives off a relaxing scent. At $495 per night, breakfast and dinner included, you might not want to leave your tent for days. 


Paperback Camp, Glamping, Australia
The iconic Paperbark Camp in Jervis Bay

5. Victoria: Pebble Point (along Great Ocean Road)

As a national heritage, the Great Ocean Road lives up to expectations.  This makes Pebble Point a great site for glamping. With incredible sights such the Twelve Apostles Rock Formation and a limited number of tents (only five can be accommodated at any time), Pebble Point offers a serene retreat for those who want some privacy in their glamping. The site is also close to three national parks that highlight breath-taking coastal sceneries. With rates starting at $155 a night, Pebble Point offers a nice place for those who want to be close to nature.

Great Ocean Road, Australia
Great Ocean Road, Australia

If you like European comfort with outdoor adventure, you might want to try out Cosy Tents. They offer the scenic view of Jubilee Lake Park.  It is also a fantastic place for fishing and bushwalking.

Upgrade from Camping to Glamping

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to experience glamping. You can level up your camping experience by packing high-quality camping equipment and accessories from OutbaxCamping. They offer a wide range of products – from roomy tents to inflatable spas to air mattresses. They also offer portable inverter generators to power up your campsite. With OutbaxCamping, you can experience luxurious camping on a budget. 

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