It is hard to know where to start an Africa travel Blog! Africa is vast; where do you start to describe the second-largest continent in the world and the birthplace of the human species? The purpose of our Africa Travel Blog is to give you a little insight into this extraordinary continent of contrasts, and some tips to help you to plan your adventure. These African travel blogs aim to dispel some of the myths associated with Africa and give you a better understanding of all the continent and her people have to offer, from game reserves, tropical rain forests, gorillas in the mist and modern, cosmopolitan cities. Read our Africa travel blog and be captivated!

Africa Travel Blog Tips and Hints:

Malaria is still a major problem in Africa; check if your journey will take you through an area where Malaria is prevalent and start your medication in good time. Even if you are using Malaria medications, make sure to bring insect repellent and wear long sleeves after dusk.

Walking Shoes: Make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes or sandals – sore feet can spoil your holiday.

Sun: we know you love the sun, but you don’t want to ruin your holiday with painful sunburn! Hats and sunscreen are mandatory – don’t leave home without them!

Cash: you will not find an ATM off the beaten track! Make sure to carry some cash with you (but don’t flash your bulging wallet around!) Most shops in the cities will accept credit cards but cash is king in the rural areas.

Schedules: Be a little relaxed about your itinerary; outside of the cities, Africa moves to her own rhythm and will not be rushed!