Kenya is a truly rich country in terms of climate variation, wildlife and culture. The portion of the country that lies along the coast of the Indian Ocean is wonderfully warm and humid. As you move inland towards the more mountainous regions, the temperatures become cooler. You simply cannot visit Kenya without going on at least one safari during your trip. Be prepared to see all kinds of African wildlife including zebras, elephants, big cats like lions and leopards and so much more! Apart from the many wildlife parks and safari lodges, you will also be able to enjoy the busy city life of Nairobi, the nation’s capital. What a contrast – the concrete jungle just a short drive from roaming wildlife!

Kenya Travel Blog

If you are curious about visiting a truly diverse and beautiful Africa country, make sure that Kenya is at least near the top of your list. Explore lakes, mountains and more! Read our Kenya Travel Blog to learn all about the top sights throughout the country in order to really make the most of your trip.

Kenya travel tips

  • Crime and safety: Just like any other country in the world, Kenya sees its fair share of crime. Most instances occur in busy cities like Nairobi and Mombasa. Exercise the usual amount of caution when walking around and don’t carry large sums of cash on you. Avoid wearing expensive jewellery or flashing your belongings like your phone or camera around wherever you go. In many cases, clashes are between different local groups or tribes and tourists are not normally a target. That said, if you do notice any unrest, it is best to steer clear to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.
  • General customs and laws: Many of the areas in Kenya are predominantly Muslim and, although it’s not law to dress a certain way, a modest dress code is best. Photographing such buildings as embassies or other military or security type structures can lead to detention. If in doubt, rather do NOT take that picture! Smoking is restricted to specifically designated areas. Smoking in any other areas can result in serious punishment. Before you travel, make sure that you have certified/legalised copies of all of your documents. Keep the originals in your hotel room and keep a set of copies in a separate location in your room. Carry a second set of copies on you when touring the country. If you lose a copy, it’s not the end of the world but losing the original can cause some real headaches.
  • Medical and health: It should go without saying that you should have comprehensive medical and travel insurance to cover your entire trip. It might be worthwhile investing in a few extra days just in case, for whatever reason, your trip home is delayed. Cholera, malaria and dengue fever are known to occur in Kenya. Be careful when consuming any water and rather only drink from sealed bottles. You can get medication to prevent contracting malaria and you should familiarise yourself with symptoms of these and other diseases. Ask your doctor about any other vaccines you may need 8 weeks before your trip.
  • Food and drink: As previously mentioned, you should avoid drinking water from anything other than a sealed, store bought bottle. You should also be weary of ice in your drinks. A slightly warm drink is better than the alternative! Boiling the water should destroy bacteria and make it safe to drink. As for food, you should only eat from actual restaurants. Do not take a chance with street vendors!
  • Money: It is best to use travellers’ cheques. Credit cards are widely accepted but you could incur large transaction fees and you could be vulnerable to certain forms of fraud such as card cloning. Keep your credit card company or bank’s emergency number on hand just in case your wallet or card does go missing.