When you close your eyes and imagine your trip to Mauritius, you undoubtedly automatically think of crystal clear waters, soft beach sand and fine weather.  The luxury of this tropical destination is waiting to treat and pamper you with plenty of fun and relaxing activities.

If you are planning or even just considering Mauritius as your next holiday destination, then be sure to read at least one or two of our Mauritius travel blog posts to fuel your interest in this spectacularly beautiful destination.  Not only will these Mauritius travel blogs help you decide where to stay and where to go sightseeing in Mauritius, but you will also learn important tips to help you make the most of your island holiday.

Mauritius Travel Blog Tips and Hints

  • Getting around Getting to Mauritius is one thing, but knowing how you intend on making your way around the island is also essential.  Buses and taxis are suitable for urban areas and you can even rent a bicycle or motorbike if you prefer.  Another great alternative is to pick up a rental car in Mauritius and travel around according to your own schedule.  When choosing to rent a car in Mauritius, it is advisable that you also take the optional insurance package and make sure that the rental car company holds a tourism enterprise license.  Picking up a rental car at the airport is convenient but you will have to pay an additional parking fee to take the car out of the airport parking lot.  Finally, it is important to note that, in Mauritius, vehicles travel on the left hand side of the road.
  • Local language Although French and Mauritian Creole is widely spoken throughout the country, English is accepted as the official language.  Both French and English-speakers should have no trouble communicating with the friendly locals which comes in extremely handy when you need to find a particular attraction, restaurant or restroom.
  • Bargaining with locals Shop owners and marketers are not likely to lower their prices and they are generally not interested in long bartering sessions.  In the local markets you might be able to get a discount of 10% – 20% if you are really lucky.
  • Potential health concerns It is advised that you have all your regular vaccines up to date and perhaps go for a booster shot before your trip.  You will also need a yellow fever vaccination certificate for all travellers over 1 year.  While malaria is not generally a problem in Mauritius, Dengue Fever is a concern and is transmitted by mosquito bite.  Another potential risk is that of a Schistosomiasis infection.  The parasite lives in fresh water and enters the skin during swimming.  To avoid contracting this infection, avoid swimming in fresh water lakes, streams and other similar bodies of water.  Stick to the ocean and swimming pools.  Altitude sickness also affects some travellers and it is important to make yourself aware of the symptoms before travelling.  In addition, make sure that your travel insurance is comprehensive and valid for your entire trip.  Hopefully you will not need to use it, but if you do, at least you can rest assured that you will be taken care of.