South Africa is a gem of a holiday destination! If you have never visited this amazingly diverse country before, read a South Africa blog or two to give you some inspiration. There is a great deal to do and see in sunny South Africa and reading some South Africa articles and South Africa travel blogs will help you prioritize your time according to your interests. Many visitors to SA come to see the wonderful wildlife and hope for a close encounter; read a few South African safari blogs to find out what other travellers have seen, which parks and camps are best and even the get the name of that great ranger who took them around!

Once you have seen the game, you have to visit wonderful Cape Town for incredible coastal scenery, beaches, mountains, vineyards and some of the best food and restaurants you will find anywhere in the world; once again, the best way to find out where the locals go (always your best guide!) is to read a South Africa blog. Finding a few South Africa blogs can make all the difference to your holiday – read some today!

South Africa Travel Blog Tips and Hints:

  • Sunburn: Watch out for the hot S.A. sun – make sure to wear sunscreen and a hat when you are outdoors, even on overcast days. It can be really hot in summer – stay hydrated.
  • Malaria: In some regions of South Africa you need to take Malaria prophylaxis; make sure to start taking your meds in good time; always use insect repellent and wear long sleeves after dusk if you are in a Malaria area.
  • Transport: Regrettably South Africa has lagged behind when it comes to good public transport and the best way to see the country is to hire a car or go on an organised tour. Car hire is relatively inexpensive and the roads are generally excellent.
  • Safety: South Africa gets a great deal of bad press regarding personal safety! Once again, read some South Africa travel blogs about other traveller’s experiences to set you mind at ease and just take normal travel precautions – take care of your belongings and trust your instincts – do not go anywhere that just does not “feel” right!