From busy cities to quaint villages, China has plenty to offer visitors.  Read through our China Travel Blog to learn more about what you can expect from your visit to China and where the best sights and attractions are.  Let these detailed China Travel Blog posts be your guide to making the very most of your holiday.

The People’s Republic of China is the world’s most populous country and is rich in culture, tradition and sights.  Chinese cuisine has made its way all around the world and they are a powerful nation in terms of production and product assembly.  Take a walk along the Great Wall, which is one of the few man made structures visible from space, the spectacular Forbidden City located in the heart of Beijing and natural beauties like the Jiuzhaigou Valley.

China Travel Blog Tips and Hints:

  • Weather – Between the months of May and November, it is Tropical Cyclone or Typhoon season in China.  This kind of weather could have major impacts on your holiday plans which is why it’s best to avoid visiting during this time.
  • Travel to Tibet – If you wish to visit Tibet, do note that you will need specific permits to enter the area.  Make sure that you have all documentation in order before you venture into these parts.
  • Medical insurance and care – The hospitals in China are well equipped but can get crowded.  In addition, if you require medical evacuation, it can be rather costly without insurance.  Make sure that you choose a comprehensive medical insurance plan.
  • Pollution – Chinese cities, like Beijing and Shanghai, suffer from severe air pollution.  Air contaminants can aggravate conditions like asthma, sinuses and other bronchial conditions.  Check the pollution index levels of various cities before booking your trip.
  • Water and food – The tap water in China is not safe to drink.  Stick to sealed bottles of water and other sealed  drinks.  Do not consume anything that has been opened out of your presence.  Beware of “fake” alcohol products sold in bars since they are not made according to set standards and can pose serious health risks.  Refrain from eating food prepared I sub-standard conditions.  Street vendors might not adhere to proper hygiene or food preparation practices.  It’s far safer to visit a reputable restaurant or purchase food from the supermarket to cook for yourself.  If you do order from a restaurant, make sure that the food is served hot and not at room temperature.  Do not consume any unpasteurized or undercooked products – no matter how tempting a medium-rare steak may be,
  • Altitude – Certain mountainous areas can cause altitude sickness.  Research the altitude of the places you plan on visiting in order to establish whether or not there may be cause for concern.
  • Laws and regulations – Each country has their own rules and regulations.  All travellers over the age of 16 years are required by law to carry their passport at all times.  Gambling is illegal in mainland China and there are restrictions on religious activities.  During the Beijing Olympics, China banned the act of spitting on the streets and it is still considered illegal.  It might seem like a strange law but, when you consider the massive population of the country, it does tend to make some kind of sense.  It is of utmost importance that you observe these laws and, should you run into any trouble, contact your embassy immediately.