Singapore is a truly diverse destination for any visitor to experience.  Foreigners make up nearly half of the population and they have a distinct influence on the culture today.  Due to this diversity in both culture and language, there’s no single set of rules or culturally acceptable behaviour.  No matter what your interests, Singapore always has plenty to keep you busy and entertained.  Enjoy a meal at the Hawker Food Market, relax in the tranquil Botanic Gardens and experience Chinatown and Little India.

Our Singapore Travel Blog will whet your appetite for all that you are about to experience.  It will also serve as a guide in terms of all the best sights, attractions and things to do while you are there.  After all, the best way to enjoy your trip and get the most out of each day is by planning your itinerary and being prepared in every sense of the word.

Singapore Travel Blog and Holiday Tips

Safety: While crime is not abnormally high in Singapore, it does occur from time to time.  Tourists are fairly easy to spot so do whatever you can to protect yourself and your belongings while in Singapore.  When booking your hotel, ask about a built in safe in your room.  Use this safe to store your important documents, travellers’ checks, cash and any other valuables.  On that note, don’t travel with too many pieces of jewellery.  Wearing such items will attract unnecessary attention.

Health and medical:  Ensure that you have comprehensive medical insurance coverage before embarking on your trip.  A small fee for insurance is a lot better than paying a hospital bill.  Make sure that all of your vaccines are up to date and take necessary precautions against mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever, chikungunya fever and Japanese encephaliti.  These occur particularly during wetter months.  Various parts can also be covered in a kind of haze which can impact your health.  Check the average haze levels during the year and plan your trip accordingly.  Hand Foot and Mouth Disease is also fairly common in Singapore and particularly affects children of 10 years and younger.  Frequent hand washing and other healthy habits help prevent contracting this contagious disease.

Local laws: Law enforcement in Singapore is extremely strict and it is of utmost importance that you observe and obey the local laws to the letter.  Acts of chewing gum, spitting and even chewing tobacco are illegal.  You may not even bring gum into the country so make sure that you throw these away before you land.  Take care when snapping holiday photos.  There are also strict rules that prohibit you from photographing government buildings.