Thailand is an undeniably great place to travel, which is why so many people do it! Our Thailand travel blog and travel articles will help you get the most from this truly fantastic country, at the heart of Southeast Asia. From the hustle of Bangkok to the stunning islands, of the south; from tropical national parks, to the charming hills and valleys, of the north; from the fiery cuisine to the friendly locals; learn about it all, through our travel in Thailand blog and Thailand travel articles, and then discover it for yourself. We bring you up to date, inside information on the places to go and the things to see and do, with our articles on travel in Thailand and our Thailand travel blog.

Thailand Travel Blog Tips

  • Get off the beaten track: Thailand has a very well worn tourist trail. Definitely hit some of the main highlights but also try and stray from the beaten track a little. You won’t have to go far to be rewarded with secluded beaches, vibrant markets full of smiling locals and a sense of adventure that can make your trip.
  • Live like the locals: What with the amount of foreign visitors and the accommodating nature of Thai people, it can be easy to forget Thailand is a place with its own unique customs and beliefs. Learn a bit about Thai people and there culture before you go: cover up in temples, keep calm if things don’t go to plan, don’t sunbathe topless and know your limits when drinking. A little language can also go a long way. Show respect and an understanding of the Thai way and you will quickly see the appreciation of the locals. And remember, in Thailand a smile goes a long way.
  • Feeling hot, hot, hot: Thailand is a tropical country and is very hot pretty much all year round. Remember to stock up on sunscreen, duck into the shade every once in a while and drink plenty of water. It is also wise not to over plan your days as the heat and humidity can often leave you feeling exhausted earlier than you’d expected.
  • The spice of life: Thailand is rightfully renowned for its fantastic cuisine. Many people have had a Thai curry in their lifetime but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Be adventurous and get stuck into the fresh and spicy salads, the excellent stir-fried dishes, the hot and sour soups, and all manner of wonderful street-side snacks. Don’t be afraid to try food from places you wouldn’t go near if you were back home; for many, Thai street food is some of the cheapest and best food they have ever had. But do watch out for those famous Thai chilies!