Don’t leave without us! Our Europe Travel Blog is a must-read if you are planning a trip to anywhere in Europe. This amazingly diverse travel destination, stretching East/West from Asia to the Atlantic and North/South from the Arctic to Africa, will fascinate, educate and captivate all who visit. With such a choice of places to see and things to do, a Europe travel blog is your first stop for insider knowledge and tips. Whether you are visiting Austria to ski, Cumbria to hike or Rome and Florence for culture and cuisine, plan your adventure with the help of a European travel blog. If you are planning an organised tour, use a Europe travel blog to see what other travellers have to say about tour companies and itineraries.

Europe Travel Blog Tips and Hints:

Visas: Many travellers require a visa to visit European countries. Visit the website of your intended destination to see if you need one. If you are travelling to several different countries in Europe you can get a multi-country Schengen visa which will be issued by the first country you will be entering. You will need proof of accommodation arrangements, travel funds and a return ticket to qualify.

Language: Most countries in Europe teach English as a second language, so you will generally not have a problem in the cities; in rural areas it could be a little more difficult and a phrase book (or translation App on your Smartphone) is very useful.

Getting Around: If you plan to do a LOT of moving from place to place you should look into getting a Eurail Pass for travel on the excellent rail system – this offers particularly good value and an overnight train trip can save you the cost of a hotel or hostel night and give your more time to absorb the culture when you get there!