Belgium is a culturally rich and diverse country that also holds a great importance in Europe since it is a founding member of the EU.  It is the location of the EU headquarters, NATO and many other buildings for international organisations.  Apart from its economic role, Belgium also attracts a large number of tourists every year and, with all the sights and attractions, they never leave disappointed.  Whether your trip includes a visit to the old port city of Ghent, the busy capital Brussels or the culturally rich city of Antwerp, you will have plenty to see and do.  Find out for yourself just what makes this nation so famous by trying out a few of their top beers during your visit.

If you are still considering visiting Belgium or possibly having a tough time deciding where exactly in the country to spend most of your time, just take a look through our Belgium Travel Blog.  This blog will have you ready to pack your bags and catch the next flight!  Learn more about the exceptional sites, where to do your shopping and what kinds of local foods to try from these helpful posts.

Belgium Travel Blog and Holiday Tips:

  • Medical and health:  Whenever visiting a foreign country, it is very important that you take out comprehensive medical insurance.  Should you fall ill or be involved in an accident during your trip, you can rest assured that your medical bills (which can be expensive) are covered.  Before leaving, make sure that your regular vaccines are all up to date and consider going for a booster shot just to play it safe.  In addition, you should look into getting vaccines against measles, Hepatitis and the flu.
  • Water and food: The good news for travellers to Belgium is that the tap water is safe to drink.  Many locals even prefer tap water to bottled water.  Of course, sometimes even consuming perfectly harmless water and well cooked food, you can still get a bit of an upset stomach.  Make sure that you have some over the counter medication handy wherever you go – just in case.  Another tip to remember is to always make sure that your food arrives piping hot and is not served at room temperature.  Do not eat undercooked foods.  Only consume well done meat and eggs that have been cooked completely.
  • Outdoors: Some insects can carry different diseases.  If you are planning on hiking, make sure that you take the necessary precautions to prevent being bitten.  Animals (both wild and domestic) also carry certain diseases.  Avoid feeding or interacting with any animals during your trip.
  • Local crime:  Pick pocketing and theft usually occurs in crowded areas.  Remember not to travel with all your cash on your person.  Keep your extra cash, important documents and valuables locked away in your hotel room safe.  Remember to ask about a safe when you book your hotel.  Don’t dangle your camera from your neck and monitor your bag, purse and valuables at all times while walking around.