Denmark has given the world the Vikings, Hans Christian Andersen, Soren Kierkegaard, Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Lego, Carlsberg and, according to Gallup surveys, the most contented people on earth. If you read Denmark travel blog, you would learn visitors find that, indeed, there are plenty to be happy about in this Scandinavian gem: faultless transport system; white-sand beaches that are never more than an hour away from wherever in the country; Michelin-starred restaurants; and some of the most fashionable furniture in the world. Consult Denmark travel blogs for highly recommended restaurants and cafes so you don’t miss out on their smorgasbord of meats-and-fish delights, and funky shops selling funkier household items.

Quite fittingly for a country who mastered seafaring, cruise passengers also love to make their first or last stop in Copenhagen, the capital, as it is well-connected to the rest of Europe, making it easy to stitch Baltic and Scandinavian destinations in one nifty tour. Read up Denmark travel blog to help you decide which destinations will go well with Denmark’s own.

Denmark Travel Blog Tips and Hints:

  • Personal space. Danes have a keen sense of personal space. It would be rude to talk loudly in public or talk in a voice people near you can hear. It stands to reason, then, that making physical contact while talking or asking personal questions to Danes you just met constitute crossing the line. Avoid committing glaring blunders by knowing more of Danish customs from Denmark travel blogs.
  • Low Context Culture. Verbal communication with a Dane is important if you want to be friendly. Instead of just smiling, you can say ‘hello’; if you want to ask for directions, you have to say so. Danes love to practice their English with visitors, and as long as you respect their personal space, they would be happy to oblige.
  • Transport. Denmark has a very robust and well-organized rail and road network. But of interest perhaps to carbon-conscious visitors, Denmark has an extensive network of segregated dedicated bicycle paths and lanes, making it easy to explore Copenhagen and bigger cities using this mode of transport. Find out where you can rent a bike and park it from Denmark travel blogs.
  • Safety. Denmark is one of the safest destinations in the planet, with crime rates one of the lowest in Europe. Still, it pays to keep a keen eye on valuables, and to refrain from entering deserted train stations and wandering in rural areas at night.