From landmark buildings to quaint villages, a single trip to Germany can exceed your wildest expectations.  One can’t help but feel the strength of this nation as you walk down the city streets of Berlin and interact with the interesting locals.  While some might imagine war museums and monuments to be the top attractions, there’s so much more to Germany than its history.  Visit the Rugen Cliffs located in the Jasmund National Park, see the Cologne Cathedral light up at night or plan your trip around time of the famous Oktoberfest. Discover the World of Bavaria with its history and traditions on the Romantic Road.

Whether you are a beer connoisseur, an art and history enthusiast or you simply wish to visit one of Europe’s greatest countries, you will get the best of everything right here.  Germany is a fairly large country and, therefore, it is essential that you plan your trip in advance.  Read our Germany Travel Blog to help you decide which cities you wish to visit, where you want to stay, what foods you’d like to try and everything in between.

Germany Travel Blog and Holiday Tips:

  • Restaurant etiquette: After enjoying a meal or beverage at one of the local bars or restaurants, it is customary for your server to verbally express the amount due.  You should then calculate and add on a tip of 5 to 10% and present the server with your cash or card.  It is also customary to work with round figures.  So, if your bill was 6.65 Euros, you would normally pay 8 or 9 Euros.
  • Food and water:  The tap water in Germany is safe to drink although it’s not something you would order in a restaurant since it is seen as “cheap”.  No matter what kind of water you choose, you will pay for it.  That said, you could by a couple of bottles of water and refill them when you return to your hotel room each afternoon or night.  As with any foreign destination, it’s always advisable that you purchase food that has been properly cooked and served hot.  As delicious as the smells coming from street vendors are, it’s ill-advised for tourists to order from them.  Play it safe and prepare your own sandwiches in your room and buy prepared meals from actual restaurants.
  • Free tours:  There are several free tours available in different German cities.  Save money by opting for these tours instead of paying every time.
  • Insurance and safety:  Just like any other destination, you should have your medical insurance in order before you travel.  Medical services in Germany are excellent but they will cost you a fortune if you are not insured.  Remember to exercise the same caution and common sense when walking around.  Don’t go down dark walkways at night.  Hold on to your belongings and try not to stick out too much as a tourist.  Don’t wear all your expensive jewellery – in fact, leave it at home rather.  Store your extra money, documents and other valuables in your hotel room safe.