There’s no better place to enjoy an original bottle of Port, the freshest seafood and some authentic Espetada, than in Portugal itself.  This culturally rich country offers visitors some of the most amazing climate, sights and let’s not forget about the friendly locals!  With such a long coastline, you will have plenty of lovely beaches to visit all the way from Porto to Lisbon and beyond!  The islands of Madeira also fall under Portugal which means that you can enjoy all the best of Portuguese culture with the added appeal of island life.

When planning your next getaway, don’t forget to consider this culturally colourful destination.  To learn more about all the magnificent natural sights, attractions and historic structures in Portugal, just read through our Portugal Travel Blog and you’ll be ready to pack your bags in no time!

Portugal Travel Blog Tips

  • Local crime: Crime in Portugal is fairly low but you should be mindful of your belongings.  Pickpocketing, theft from cars and handbag snatching do occur.  Thieves target busy areas like transport hubs and they often use various distraction techniques.  Avoid leaving any valuables in your rental car and carry only minimal amount of cash on you.  Avoid keeping all of your valuables (cards, cash, etc) in one location like your handbag or pocket.  Keep little bits of cash in each of your front pockets and use inner jacket pockets rather than the back pockets on your pants, for instance.
  • Other safety: If you go exploring the levadas in Madeira, you should only select the one(s) that are suited for your fitness level.  Some of them can be quite tricky.  There are many swimming areas and pools.  Be sure to obey lifeguard flags and warnings or you may be subject to a heavy fine.  The high drowning rate has caused authorities to take more drastic measures in order to protect the public from swimming risks.  Take note of signs, particularly those that warn against erosion, falling rocks and similar natural dangers.
  • Local laws:  In most cases, you can simply carry a certified copy of all relevant pages of your passport.  That said, you might be asked to present authorities with the original upon request.  In some cases, tourists prefer to carry the original around with them in a separate bag while a certified copy is kept safe and sound in their hotel room.
  • Health and medical:  Depending on your country of residence, you might be entitled to a free European Health Insurance Card.  This card will allow you free government provided medical care but should not be seen as a substitute for medical or travel insurance.  You should also ask your doctor 8 weeks before your departure date about any necessary vaccines.
  • Natural disasters: During the summer months, forest fires are common.  Make sure not to light barbecue fires or leave any empty bottles behind after a picnic.  If you are a smoker, you need to take extra special care to make sure that your cigarettes are completely extinguished.  Causing a forest fire is considered to be a criminal offence.
  • Money:  The local currency is the Euro.  If you are planning on using your credit card at any point during your trip, you should be aware that establishments in smaller towns and villages might not accept international cards.  Keep enough cash on you if you plan on visiting such locations.