A small country lying east of the Alps and north of the Mediterranean Sea at the crossroads of the Balkans and Central Europe, Slovenia is nonetheless big on nature. It is bordered by Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. A former constituent republic of Yugoslavia, Slovenia emerged as an independent country in 1991 and is now enjoying a strong economy and stable democracy. Slovenia travel blogs are on the rise and getting travel information now has become a lot easier than in the past.

With as much as 60% of its total surface covered in forest, Slovenia is one of the greenest countries in Europe. On top of its verdant landscape, Slovenia has plenty of geographic and climatic variety that it’s possible to ski, pick autumn fruits, and bathe in the sea all in one day. Slovenia blogs offer helpful details if you want to explore the off-the-beaten path. There is also a wide variety of architectural and cultural treasures to be enjoyed in Slovenia – from Venetian harbour towns, to rustic Hungarian-style farmhouses, to a Baroque chapel in the middle of Lake Bled, the country seems to have it all.

But what Slovenia offers best is its outdoors – if you are looking for an active holiday, Slovenia will fulfil your fantasies and more. On top of the requisite skiing, hiking, swimming, cycling, rafting, caving, ballooning and horseback riding are just some of the activities you can indulge in when you’ve had your share of the Adriatic Coast or Ljubljana’s museums.

Slovenia Travel Blog Tips and Advice

Crime and Safety: Slovenia is overall a safe country. There is rarely cause for concern when out at night in large cities; still, there is a marginal risk of getting robbed at night, so exercise common sense.

Dietary ConcernsSlovene cuisine is generally heavy on meat so strict vegans may have a hard time finding restaurants that cater to their tastes. Some restaurants oblige to fulfil your order of a vegetarian plate. On the other hand, hygienic standard in Slovenia is high, so food contamination is non-existent and tap water is drinkable.

Money Matters: Slovenia uses the Euro, and prices here are generally higher compared to the rest of the European Union. You may want to read recent Slovenia travel articles before you arrive to get updated foreign exchange rates. Tipping is increasingly becoming expected from tourists in highly visited areas.

Border Formalities: As a member country of the Schengen Agreement, Slovenia does not carry out immigration checks (only spot custom checks) when you have been issued a Schengen visa and are entering from another Schengen country. But if you are travelling from a non-Schengen country (even if they are European Union member country), you will have to clear immigration.