As the largest country in Scandinavia, Sweden is a smorgasbord of tourist delights. Read some Sweden travel blogs before you arrive to plan for an itinerary that will cover most sights. One thing you shouldn’t miss though in the homeland of IKEA is bringing home minimalist but clever designs, from furniture to jewelry to fashion. Consult Sweden travel blogs to find where the best deals can be bought. Architecturally, Sweden also pleases visitors with keen eye for form and function: Its public spaces are ergonomic yet aesthetic. Travel articles in the Sweden travel blog would also point out that beyond the orderly arrangement of Stockholm, its capital city, there lies frozen wastelands beckoning to be dog-sled, pristine forests begging to be hiked, rocky islands and beaches inviting to be swam, and Viking lore waiting to be relived.

The Land of the Midnight Sun is also one of the best places in Scandinavia to stand in awe before green-blue-indigo curtains of Aurora Borealis, given that part of its Lappland is within the Arctic Circle. But the spectacular Northern Lights are not the only star of the alpine tundra. The indigenous reindeer-herding Sami have maintained a nomadic lifestyle with their own unique blend of cooking, building houses, and making handicrafts that remain an important fabric of Swedish society. The Sweden travel blog should be able to recommend tour operators who could bring you up north for compelling Arctic immersion.

Sweden Travel Blog Tips and Hints:

  • Taxi rip-offs: Swedish taxi drivers can charge passengers what would appear exorbitant fares as long as the amount is clearly stated on the yellow price sign found on the rear window. Though the practice is not illegal, you could easily pay twice the amount of the usual price. Familiarize yourself with standard fares in individual cities, and make sure that these are reflected on the yellow price sign before stepping into a taxi.
  • Mosquitoes: While Sweden has long been malaria-free, mosquitoes, which descend in hordes during summer, can be annoying with their whining sound. Apply repellent as necessary.
  • Transport: Sweden is well-connected by plane, train, bus, rental car, ferries and even bicycle for inter-city tours that making connecting trips to other Scandinavian cities and the rest of Eastern Europe is easily achievable. Let Sweden travel blogs guide you which combination of destinations would work best for your available budget and time.
  • Safety: Sweden is one of the safest destinations in Scandinavia, with low to moderate crime rate and fatalities from natural disasters. Use standard caution when walking the streets at night, especially on weekends and paydays when some people go out and get drunk. Eye contact in Sweden can be construed as aggression; if someone intoxicated is behaving rudely, do not stare.