Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands

Planning a trip to Oceania? First read the Oceania Travel Blog to get some original ideas to make your holiday exceptional. Oceania is the term used to collectively describe Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and the thousands of kilometres of ocean that wash their shores. The Pacific seascape is dotted with palm-fringed islands, powder white beaches, volcanoes (active!) and some of the best coral reefs in the world…in short, this is a perfect holiday destination and you can get lots of off-beat but important information by reading an Oceania travel blog before you leave home. Australia and New Zealand are fantastic countries to visit, particular if you love the great outdoors; spectacular scenery, clean modern cities and some of the best food in the world; reading the Oceania travel blog will steer you in the right direction!

Australia and Oceania travel blog is written by tourists just like yourself, who have already experienced a destination…their accounts and blogs are generally easy to read and you can pick up the kind of info you would never get in a guidebook, such as which restaurants offer early-bird specials, which bars tend to water-down the drinks and where to buy the perfect souvenir.

Oceania Travel Blog Tips and Hints:

  • Food and Visas: Australia and New Zealand are pretty fussy about who they let into the country, and what visitors are bringing in with them: Depending where you are travelling from, you may need a visa to enter either country – check before you leave home or risk being denied entry. Be particularly careful not to bring in ANY food – no, not even that apple left over from breakfast! There are stringent rules in place to prevent any imported diseases reaching the agricultural sector of these island countries. You will be heavily fined if you are found carrying any food.
  • Sun Safety: The southern hemisphere sun can be dangerous to your health! Make sure you go nowhere without a hat and sunscreen and it is even wise to swim or snorkel with a shirt over your bathing costume.
  • Crocodiles in Australia: Crocodile warning signs are not a joke! Crocodiles are often found in salt water inlets and you should avoid going near the water if you see a warning sign.