New Zealand is an absolute must-visit place on your bucket list! Talk about the world in one country – from modern, cosmopolitan cities to the wildest and most heart-stopping adventure sports to the calm and serene beauty of Milford Sound. Throw in the rich Maori culture and the friendliness of the locals, and you have a dream holiday destination.

Before you start planning your trip to New Zealand get your hands on a few blogs or articles in the New Zealand travel blog to inspire you! Whether this is your first trip to New Zealand or a long- anticipated return journey, you can gain valuable insight by reading as many New Zealand travel blogs as possible. Destination guides are useful, but they remain just a guide – a travel blog New Zealand will generally give a completely different perspective on places to go and things to do. There are so many people out there with different ideas about what makes the perfect holiday; reading their blogs and articles in the New Zealand travel blog will bring a new and exciting dimension to your holiday planning. The beauty of a New Zealand travel blog is that you get collective opinions to help you shape your very own perfect trip.

New Zealand Travel Blog Tips and Hints:

If you really want to fit in with the locals, brush-up on your rugby trivia, particularly where the national team, The All Blacks are concerned; New Zealanders (Kiwis) are more than a little into their sport – you can probably find all you need to know on a New Zealand travel blog!

  • Weather: Come prepared for any weather – it is notoriously difficult to predict the weather in New Zealand and you will need warm clothes in winter. If you are visiting in summer be aware that the sun is harsher here than in Europe – wear a hat and sunscreen at all times if you are out and about and make sure to stay hydrated especially if you are hiking.
  • Transportation: If you are planning to travel extensively a New Zealand Travelpass could be your most affordable option, combining train, bus and ferry transportation.
  • Customs: As an island country, New Zealand has particularly stringent rules to prevent any threat to her agriculture. Make sure to leave all food behind – you will be heavily fined if you bring any food into the country – make sure you have not left even an apple in your backpack!!