World’s Hunting Destinations

If you are a hunting enthusiast, you know how important is to hunt at the right place. There are many hunting destinations that are simply perfect for facing the nature. Here is our list of the places you might want to travel to and hunt.

Worlds Best Hunting Destinations: Owl watching
Owl watching

Worlds Best Hunting Destinations

Windhoek, Namibia

Africa is one of the most popular destinations for the hunters. Still, it is also necessary to find the best places to hunt in Africa. Windhoek in Namibia sure is the one. Omujeve Hunting Safaris will offer you a chance to face some of the animals you will hardly find anywhere else. Cheetahs, lions, hippopotamuses and elephants are just some of the animals you will find if you visit Windhoek. There are tent camps as well as lodges all around the country which is a perfect thing for the hunters. So after a long day of hunting in safari you can rest and prepare for the next day.

Worlds Best Hunting Destinations: Elephants at a watering hole in Etosha National Park, Namibia
Elephants at a watering hole in Etosha National Park, Namibia: Photo on Flickr by Tom Kelly / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Talkeetna, Alaska

Bears at Talkeetna are enormous while the population of moose is bustling. All of this makes Talkeetna, Alaska a perfect destination for hunters. There are hunting tours you can take. The tour includes prop plane ride, more than 200km through the air outside of Anchorage. Bear and wolf hunts are allowed during the whole year, while Moose and sheep hunts last from the beginning of August until the end of September. Besides the animals mentioned above, you can also hunt waterfowls and caribous.

Worlds Best Hunting Destinations: Deer Hunter
Deer Hunter

Pripyat River, Belarus

Wisent, or the European bison is the national animal of Belarus. It is also a tradition to hunt these mammoth creatures. European bison weighs little less than 1000 kg and hunting down one of these is a great thing to do. Besides these you can also hunt deer and wolves near the Pripyat River. Bison season is October to March, but if you want to hunt deer, you should travel to Belarus between mid-May and late November. Wolves can be hunted during the whole year. So if you want to try to hunt bisons, Belarus and its Pripyat River are the perfect destination for you.

Worlds Best Hunting Destinations: Wolf
Wolf hunting

Cordoba, Argentina

If you like to hunt birds, Argentina is the right destination for you. More than 160 square kilometers around Cordoba, is the home to around 50 million doves. Even though the hunting season lasts throughout the whole year, we recommend visiting in Cordoba in March, April or October, since these give the best weather. Besides doves, at Cordoba you can also hunt capybaras, ducks and pigeons. If the time is on your side, you can also take a week or two to go more south and try hunting pumas, water buffalo and stags.

Worlds Best Hunting Destinations: Ducks overhead in Argentina
Ducks overhead: Photo on Flickr by jomme / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

South Island, New Zealand

The most harmless animal, the kiwi, is off limits in New Zealand. Still, there are many other animals worth the trip. New Zealand is the home to the world’s largest red stags which are perfect for hunting. Besides stags, you can also hunt wapitis, goats, rams and water buffalos. There are safaris that will take you with a helicopter and leave you in the right places for hunting. Prime season is between March and April, while animals are in rut. If you choose to hunt at South Island, make sure you get trail cameras that will make the hunt much easier for you.

Worlds Best Hunting Destinations: Red Deer Stag Queenstown New Zealand
Red Deer Stag: Photo on Flickr by Jason Armstrong / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Alberta, Canada

Canada is a great place for hunting deer. Still, the skies at Canada are full of geese and ducks which makes it a perfect destination for hunters. The bird season is in September and October, as the birds migrate to feast on Alberta’s harvested grains. If you have enough time you can also travel north to Yukon, where you will be able to hunt seals, arctic foxes and even Whales. You can contact some of the local hunting clubs in order to book a hotel room and transportation to the right places for hunting.

Worlds Best Hunting Destinations: Mule Deer in western North America
Mule Deer in western North America

If you love hunting, visiting all of the above mentioned places will surely be worth the trip. The most experienced hunters have rated them the best when it comes to quality and quantity of the game. Just make sure you have your hunting equipment you will carry with you no matter where you go so you can face the always face the nature.

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