The world’s most fascinating cycle routes for adrenaline-seeking riders

Bicycles will never go out of style! What’s more, some people can be said to cycle their way through life. For all those who find cycling an irreplaceable physical activity that fills them with energy and strengthen their bodies while getting to see some wonderful and calming landscapes, some cycling routes of the world should definitely end up on their bucket lists.

The world’s most fascinating cycle routes for adrenaline-seeking riders
Galway, Ireland

Ireland is known for its beautiful green landscapes and breathtaking nature so it is no wonder that this country is a burning desire for many nature-loving cyclists. A trip from Galway is especially suitable for beginner cyclists or those looking for some relaxation because it is an eight-day trip with many inns along the way that offer accommodation and breakfast. In this area there are not that many tourists so you can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the west part of the Emerald Island.

Near Recess, Connemara Galway
Near Recess, Connemara: Photo on Flickr by Tom Fahy / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Serra da Estrela Mountains in Portugal

Quickly shifting from an easy-going route of Ireland to the mountainous part of Portugal, The Serra da Estrela Mountains are definitely a sight to see! This is not an easy road to travel by bike due to its long steep hills, rocky tunnels and colder weather but it is undoubtedly one that will leave a permanent imprint in anyone’s memory due to the breathtaking views that are available along the whole route but especially the satisfying and wordless view at the peak of the mountain at 1,993 meters above the sea level.

Serra de Estrela
Serra de Estrela: Photo on Flickr by Hugo Cardosa / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Ruta Austral, Chile

Jumping to the other side of the world, Chile awaits with its many natural treasures. Chile is generally a country rich in historical and natural sights so a cycling ride of 1,300 kilometers from Puerto Montt will satisfy anyone’s interest in this fascinating country. The road mainly consists of gravel so you will definitely need good stamina, smart preplanning and some sturdy bike for this journey. There are also many ferry rides available along the way. Forests and national parks are only some of the various landscape wonders you will encounter on this ride of a lifetime.

Ruta 7, Carretera Austral, Patagonia
Ruta 7, Carretera Austral, Patagonia: Photo on Flickr by Fernando Valenzuela / CC BY 2.0

Underground Railroad Bicycle Route, U.S.A./Canada

Those who have an interest in history will find this route irresistible and valuable because the cycling route of 3,310 kilometers expending from Mobile, Alabama, to Owen Sound, Ontario was specially created by The Adventure Cycling Association to commemorate the struggles and bravery of slaves who tried to reach their freedom. There are many educational and informative sites along the way, from representations of slave markets to museums full of important items for African-American history.

Underground Railroad Trail bridge over a stream
Underground Railroad Trail bridge over a stream: Photo on Flickr by TrailVoice / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Friendship Highway, China

There are inexplicably many cycling routes throughout Asia but The Friendship Highway in China is definitely something you have to see if your trip time is limited. Riding the bike from Lhasa to Nepalese border will provide you with many beautiful views and some challenging roads that more experienced cyclist love. Turquoise colored waters of Yamdrok Yumtso lake and whirlwind heights hidden in the shadows of Everest are some of the most unique natural landscapes in the world.

Yaks on a High Pass on the Friendship Highway
Yaks on a High Pass on the Friendship Highway: Photo on Flickr by JP Davidson / CC BY 2.0

Shimanami Kaido, Japan

Just visiting Japan as a regular tourist will make a lot of people’s hearts beat faster, but those with cycling in their mind can actually enjoy more of the Japan’s natural and historical beauty to the fullest. One of the fastest and easiest but also the most fulfilling rides must be Shimanami Kaido that involves riding through the small islands of Hiroshima prefecture. It is around 64 kilometers long so it is possible to complete this route in a day and immediately start thinking about the next pleasures Japan has to offer.

Shimanami Kaido, Japan
Shimanami Kaido, Japan: Photo on Flickr by cotaro70s / CC BY-ND 2.0

The Island of Tasmania in Australia

The world’s most fascinating cycle routes for adrenaline-seeking riders

Smooth roads, light traffic, great views and free camping – a dream come true for every cyclist. Join with friends that share your love of cycling, get your electric bikes in Sydney and take a ferry to the island state of Tasmania for some unforgettable cycling heaven-like experience. If you are lucky, apart from generally rich wildlife, you might get to see a Tasmanian Devil.

If the turning of the wheels soothes your soul, do not wait to check out some of these epic cycle routes and enrich your life. Start planning and preparing in advance and your next vacation might become a cycling fun.

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